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October 3, 2006

War Of The Worlds - H G Wells

One of the first ever SF novels is still a great read, despite being almost a hundred years old
photo of 'War Of The Worlds'


The difference between War Of The Worlds and The Time Machine is quite striking, despite the few years between when they were written. Whereas The Time Machine felt like an intellectual exercise, War Of The Worlds has a plot that pulls you through and a protagantist that you care about. I was quite surprised, it's a very good adventure story. I particularily liked the depication of a Victorian apocalypse, horse and carts and all.

Even the well known ending was dealt with well, the derived conclusion being that only we can live on planet earth, because no one else can adapt to the diseases.

I also loved the reserved Victorian resolution of the protaganist missing his wife. Very understated!

My main criticism is that you need to read it with a map of London by the side of you, as much of the description involves landmarks and towns, and I got a bit lost as the desciptions are a bit thin.

All in all, a good fun read.