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March 10, 2008

Doctor Who, the twenty year plan

Russell T Davies thinks that Doctor Who is around to stay, beyond even 2010:

"It's no good looking at that American pattern of making seven years if you're lucky - that's just not going to work. Who wants it to die after seven years? It's much bigger than that.

"It needs looking after, in the sense that it needs pauses, it needs its legend revamping every so often. If you build these pauses in now and say this will always happen, that's part of the plan now - it's literally a twenty year plan, which can't be guaranteed, because different people will be in charge in years to come - but if you present them with something rock solid, that is working, and has a unique transmission pattern that shouldn't be interfered with, then it will stay."


Yeah, all these seven year American shows, pah, come back when you're 45 years old, then we'll talk.