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You Can Draw Star Wars

When I was young I filled book after book with drawings of Tie Fighters attacking X-Wings and terrible drawings of R2D2. I imagine that there are still kids around the world doing this. There's something deeply cool about drawing your own space battle. Step into the breach You Can Draw Star Wars.

The title of this book implies it's just for kids, but in fact it's a cool guide on how to draw a Star Wars comic, and I really enjoyed it. It includes a mass of techniques and tips, from how to shade with pencil, how to draw people, hands, heads, droids, aliens, weapons, ships.... and so on. It gave me the urge to pick up a pencil and try some things out. There's a section on inking a colouring and a section on the larger aspects of creating a comic, from shots and angles to scripts to layout. There's also some tracing overlays to show how you can build up characters from stick drawings, and some speech bubble stencils (start drawing those witty comments now). And, of course, there's some very nice comic art inside

The only downside is that that it is ringbound, presumably to allow the book to lie flat when open, but I bet pages will be lost in the long run. Apart from that the presentation is groovy and fun, with a lot crammed into the 96 pages.

This book is like the art class I always wanted at school (because when has drawing flowers ever helped me?!).


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